Dropshipping integration

3 S International provides different solutions for all those who want to start a collaboration with the dropshipping formula.


The first concerns the provision of a catalog feed in CSV format. SI is a standard feed that, depending on the platform on which it is to be imported (Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress / WooCommerce, etc ...), will have to be treated.

ATTENTION The file uses the pipe ( | ) as the field separator and the comma ( , ) as the multiple value separator within a column.

The file is updated every 2 hours and is available at the following link: DOWNLOAD THE FILE

This free solution does not provide any kind of support. For any customization, modification or request for paid support, you can request information by writing to the appropriate contact form.


For dropshippers who have their own shop developed on the PrestaShop v1.7.x platform, a solution is available that provides for the integration and synchronization of the product catalog and orders with the sexyshopingrosso.com platform through the purchase, installation and configuration of an additional module.

At the following link you can find all the information, specifications and related costs of the module: See Here

Note: Please si read the specifications and requirements carefully before purchasing the module.


Finally, for those who want to start their own dropshipping business and want a complete solution, there is a combined solution that involves the purchase of two services listed below:

Prestacommerce - Annual Rental

Dropshipping integration module - 3 S International

For any other specific solutions you can send a request through this contact form

Thank you for your cooperation.

The 3 S International Team