Wide range of vaginal balls to discover new sensations

Balls and Eggs

For those who love to discover deep and always different sensations, but also for fans of the category, stimulating balls and eggs will be your perfect gadget. SI are balls and eggs for vaginal and stimulation, the surface of which is made of a soft touch material for a pleasure even to the touch. Each ball and egg here is equipped with a traction cord to ensure the grip of your gadget. The different versions created then, allow you to take advantage of this gadget both in pairs and alone, varying in size and length, and available in the version with or without wires. In addition, the material used, as well as making penetration very exciting and delicate, is also suitable for use in water, bathtub or pool without causing any distraction. Choose the vaginal and balls and eggs from those proposed below, remembering to always combine a lubricator with your sexy gadget. Cleanse after use.