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Inflatable Phalluses

For those who are ready to dare, here are the INFLATABLE FALLUSES! They are phalluses made entirely of latex and consisting of several parts: at one end there is an inflatable plug, available in our catalog in different shapes and sizes, from the smallest to those for the bold, capable of reaching considerable dimensions; The plug is completely latex and allows you to increase the volume gradually. The size reached will be maintained thanks to a medical valve present in the tube where the air will pass. This gives greater safety in use, allowing total relaxation during use. Finally, in the second end, also in natural latex, you will find another plug through which to inflate the end. In addition, the material with which it is built, avoids so that si break the inflatable plug present. Thanks to this peculiarity, inflatable phalluses are unique in their kind, stimulating and exciting, with the possibility of having different sizes of phalluses, all included in one. Always remember not to use oil-based lubricants, and not to use in case of latex allergy.