Sexual Dildos

Sexual phalluses and dildos of all shapes and sizes Sex toy or adult toy is an object intended for use during sexual practices to intensify erotic pleasure and promote a more open and playful sexuality. Vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and all the different categories of phalluses are commonly considered sex toys. In this category, sexual dildos phalluses, you will find all kinds of phalluses available, different in form function and intensity of pleasure. In particular, realistic phalluses are available, male and female plugs characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, from the glans to the penis, which make this phallus absolutely realistic to the eye and also to the touch. The double fouls as well as the strap on fouls, are specifically designed to always give experiences alone but also in pairs. Suitable for any type of relationship, both gay and lesbian, they are highly appreciated for the possibility of interchangeing the combination of phalluses mounted on the harness, to satisfy every desire and fantasy. Maxy phalluses, a category that needs no description, has the most extreme dimensions! Despite the size, however, they guarantee an easy and pleasant penetration without running any risk of friction on the vaginal or walls. Jelly is also available, a unique category of its kind, thanks to the materials and colors with which they are created. Absolutely soft and fun, suitable for any type of relationship, and perfect to stimulate your imagination! or, constitute a category full of phalluses and various sexual objects, designed specifically for stimulation, arranging different dimensions to approach this stimulation in the most pleasant and safe way. You will then find other particular categories of phalluses, from the inflatable ones, which allow or vaginal stimulation through the inflatable plug placed on it, or even the glass ones, unique for the elegance that characterizes them, and for the materials used, give a stimulation of the G-spot, and an increasingly intimate and exciting penetration thanks to the smooth surface of the phallus. Choose the phallus that most stimulates your sexual fantasy, leaving room for new adventures and new forms of stimulation.