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vibrators are unique and highly appreciated sex toys. Made for penetration. Our sex shop offers you a wide online assortment of anal vibrators suitable for anyone: man, woman, straight, lesbian and gay. If you want to experience new sensations try our vibrators: they have a wider handle or a perfect safety base to prevent unpleasant and risky penetration. If you are attracted to this category but you are not very experienced, we recommend starting with a thinner and more shaped product that is easy to use; Once the sphincter has been trained, si can switch to a larger one or even to a pump article: these allow you, once inserted, to be inflated for more daring sensations. Remember that the achievement of orgasm occurs both by stimulation of the G or P point, and by the pleasant dilation of the muscle. If you are looking for an Wedge we have a specific category with products suitable for both beginners and those looking for extreme dilation. It is always very important to sanitize the product and accompany the use of the same with a specific lubricant.