Sexual stimulants to give a greater feeling of pleasure to sex

Stimulant Lubricants

If you are looking for a product that sensitizes the intimate areas by increasing the level of pleasure during intercourse, a sexual stimulant is what you need. They are designed to intensify the sensations of both her and him: these stimulants in fact increase blood flow in the massaged area and therefore increase its sensitivity. For her, the sexual stimulants of the clitoris and vagina, when applied to the affected area, provide a feeling of warmth, increase its stimulation and intensify orgasm. For him, stimulating creams such as those based on taurine, can be applied on testicles and penis and give immediate vigor to the erection ensuring much more satisfactory performance. Dermatologically tested, sexual stimulants are perfectly compatible with latex and prophylactic devices. Available in spray, cream or gel.