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Phalluses Jelly

Falli jelly, a category of phalluses dedicated to fantasy and fun. Jelly phalluses give increasingly stimulating and imaginative sensations thanks to the materials with which they are built, characterized by an incredible softness and flexibility. Suitable for every position, can also be used in the shower. This peculiarity is due to a suction cup present in the base, which guarantees considerable stability, in fact, for each position. Realistic, covered with veins, and with the possibility of choosing the size of the glans, according to the desired sexual stimulations. They are available, with or without scrotum on the base. Moreover, thanks to the hypoallergenic materials with which they are built, they favor easy sliding along the vaginal walls, avoiding the risk of internal irritation and guaranteeing greater pleasure. The jelly phalluses si differ among all the other categories especially for the diversity of colors and shapes, designed to come against your every fantasy and desire. Choose your phallus jelly from our wide range of products, remembering to use a lubricant before use.