Sexual retardants products against male premature ejaculation

Sexual retardants

Sexual retardants are designed and manufactured for a specific need: to delay orgasm and therefore ensure a longer lasting erection. Thanks to their "anesthetizing" formula with a local effect, they guarantee the achievement of the purpose without particular embarrassment: they are in fact available in gel, cream or spray format depending on the most diverse needs of each. Sexual retardants are also very easy to use: just apply the product a certain amount of time before intercourse to then enjoy a complete and satisfying sexual intercourse. We recommend in combination to try the condoms Heavy retardants, designed to prolong sexual intercourse with a special lubricant containing Lidocaine (1%), a mild anesthetizer that will make the glans less sensitive. So you can greatly extend the duration of your sexual relationship and give your partner plenty of time to achieve pleasure.

Retardant spray against premature ejaculation. Apply it a few minutes before sexual intercourse and you will enjoy a lasting and complete relationship.

R20 is an intimate retardant spray for men specially formulated for external application on the glans. Its immediate cooling effect on the male genital area helps to prolong sexual intercourse. Latex compatible Dermatologically tested