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Classic Sexual Lubricants

Sexual lubricant creams are designed to make your sexual experiences much more satisfying. Each cream is designed to meet the most typical needs. The classic, water-based lubricants facilitate penetration and make the skin hydrated and velvety to the touch. Stimulating lubricants combine the lubricating function with the stimulating one: thanks to a feeling of sudden warmth for her and freshness for him it will be easier to reach the peak of pleasure. Retardants are particularly suitable for those who want to have more lasting performance: thanks to the anesthetizing properties, the erection is prolonged and energetic for performance of a certain level. Give volume and vigor to your erection with penis developers: thanks to the elasticizing and sensitizing properties, the gel will stimulate blood flow ensuring the desired result. lubricants with their soothing action are perfect for sensitizing this particular intimate area that is subjected to strong and repeated stress. They prevent burning, irritation and discomfort and are also indicated for the most sensitive skin. These creams are also available in the flavored version, to make your relationship with your partner tastier: coffee, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, cherry, you will be spoiled for choice. Sexual stimulants are designed to enhance the pleasure of both. For her, the stimulating clitoris and vagina intensify the sensitivity of these intimate areas. For him specific for penis and testicles give vigor to erection. If you are a lover of extreme performance we recommend using a lubricant for fisting, essential for those who want to explore this world more to the limit. Our goal is to satisfy all tastes, that's why our products are also available 100% natural, organic and vegan. All our solutions are quick and easy to use, subjected to repeated dermatological tests and perfectly compatible with condoms and sex toys.