Adjuvants , Prophylactic condom creams, lubricating retardants


The category of adjuvants includes all the various types of lubricants, massaging oils, stimulants, aphrodisiacs and condoms. Lubricants, in gel, cream or spray, will allow you to discover the pleasure of perfect penetration. They are particularly suitable in sex as thanks to their sensitizing properties they will make the couple relationship much more pleasant; Ideal even for the most extreme practices. For more energetic and lasting performance we recommend retardants and penis developers. Stimulant creams are particularly suitable both for her, as they increase the sensitivity of intimate areas and facilitate orgasm, as well as for him, making penetration more vigorous and longer-lasting. Aphrodisiacs are ideal for those who want to light the fire of passion and spend a night of eroticism and seduction. Rediscover the pleasure of being touched by your partner with our massage oils in the various fragrances available: thanks to their properties, the touch of your lover will trigger moments of intense relaxation and excitement. Finally, our condoms guarantee the safety of a protected relationship and the convenience of an ultra-thin product to ensure the most intense relationship possible and in contact with your partner. Dermatologically tested and compatible with sex toys.