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Glass Phalluses

Glass phalluses or GLASS phalluses, one of the sexiest and most loved categories ever, by lovers of realism and not only, characterized by the elegance of color and the sweetness of curves. Ideal for any type of stimulation, or vaginal. They are able to give an incredible experience thanks to the protuberances of which it is formed. Smooth and rigid, able to offer increasingly stimulating experiences. In addition, the different shapes that make up the category are optimal for the stimulation of the G-spot. In short, this category of Glass Phalluses offers a perfect combination of elements designed specifically for you, in order to give increasingly exciting experiences, without forgetting the most important aspect: the elegance of such a personal object that at its best must represent all the most intimate and refined tastes. Available in different shapes and patterns, curves and colors. N.B. Do not forget to use a lubricating product before use. Clean your glass phallus with special detergent.