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Maxi Fouls

Maxi fouls represent an exceptionally exaggerated and unique category of fouls. In fact, you can find here, a wide choice of maxi phalluses, ready to surprise you and satisfy your sexual fantasies, always pushing you further. Maxi Falluses si distinguished from other categories of fouls by the incredible size they are equipped with. Surprisingly realistic, they respect the real proportions of the glans and the penis itself, whose ribs offer ever greater and pleasant sexual stimulation. However, this does not detract from the ease of penetration, without any risk of friction of the inner walls and the consequent irritations. In addition, Maxi Phalluses are available in different shapes and sizes. It is in fact possible to choose between the facts with scrotum, or without, and with suction cup on the base or without. Many other fantasies are available in our catalog, let your most perverse fantasies tease, choosing the Maxi Phallus that best fulfills your "greatest" desires. Remember not to use the Maxi Fallo without adequate lubricant.