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Realistic fouls

Category of considerable importance, is certainly this, with the most beloved fouls of all time. They are realistic phalluses or even called dildos in fact to play a leading role in the genre. Able to amaze thanks to the different sizes, practical in use, alone or in pairs, and incredibly realistic, with particular attention to detail, from color, available from the most traditional flesh pink, to ebony, allow an imaginative journey into the arms of your personal sex-toy. The realistic phalluses are designed to ensure the widest comfort in use, leaving room for the most diverse positions, thanks to the suction cup on the base of the phallus, and to the scrotum that gives excitement and balance, for better use even without hands. The ribs present along the entire surface create not only a completely realistic effect to the eye, but also incredible sensations of pleasure during penetration. Choose your realistic phallus among all those available, looking for the right combination of the different elements that make up the most beloved phallus of all time. Always use a lubricant before use.