Massage oils products for erotic and sexy massages

Massage Oils

Massage oil is an essential product for those wishing to undertake the erotic art of massage: it relaxes the body and mind, gives relief to the muscles, makes the skin smooth and is an excellent preliminary to give vent to the passion also facilitating penetration. Let yourself be stimulated by the various fragrances: the fresh and floral scent of jasmine, the tropical fragrance, the sweetness and sensuality of strawberry. A new formula based on sensory pleasure will unleash in you a whirlwind of exciting and irresistible sensations: the aphrodisiac massage oils of the fifth essence are enriched with precious oils and refined essences for those looking for overwhelming moments of passion. Sink your hands into the unique pleasure of massage: sensual and erotic for those who perform it, relaxing and seductive for those who receive it.