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Plug with vibration

plug with vibration massager. Plugs are objects made and intended for stimulation and penetration, to be used for exciting erotic and sexual games, as a couple in pairs or alone. Contrary to what si might think, they are not reserved for an exclusively female audience but also the male audience, can find satisfaction and benefit in the personal use of these extraordinary tools of rectal exploration. The shape of the Plug is specifically designed to facilitate their insertion into the rectal orifice, paying particular attention to anatomical development and their construction, to be simply usable even individually, without necessarily needing other people to achieve the purpose of penetration. Use of Plugs These interesting sexual stimulation tools have multiple functions and different possibilities of use, being able to realize many needs of different nature and sexual orientation. A butt plug is also called anal wedge which is used as an anal dilator. Some versions have a shape suitable for particular practices.