List of products by brand Excellent Power

Men's Expert is a testicle constrictor from Excellent Power for experimenting with new erotic games and BDSM role-play. The sex toy consists of a wide strap to attach to the base of the testicles combined with a separator to make stimulation and constriction of the erogenous zone even more intense. The sex toy also has a second strap to attach to the base of the penis. This accessory is perfect for experimenting with erotic fantasies of domination/submission but also for enhancing erection and amplifying the sensitivity of the erogenous zone; The straps are adjustable via buttons to choose the desired level of tightness; The sex toy has a D-ring that allows you to attach special weights. Testicle constrictor diameter: 3.5 cm - 4.5 cm. Penis constrictor diameter: 3.5 cm - 5.5 cm.