List of products by brand Orgie

Orgie produces lubricants, creams, stimulant gels, massage oils and retardant sprays. All products are produced with exclusive active ingredients that come from the Amazon rainforest. Brazilian roots and essences. A factory with European quality standards. The brand Orgie. Come and discover the formulas with exclusive active ingredients from the Amazon rainforest that give new and exceptional sensations. The products orgie have already been a reality and success in Brazil for more than 10 years and their formulas have already been tested and approved by more than 1,000,000 satisfied consumers. They brought their formulas to Europe and improved them by keeping their proven active ingredients and adding the best European raw materials. They have invested in a partnership with a major cosmetics industry seen as a model in the Iberian Peninsula equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and technology. A company with Brazilian roots and essence and a factory with European quality standards. This combination of techniques and knowledge on the European continent eliminates borders and sublimates the tradition, energy and vigor that Brazil possesses. With Orgie you can free yourself and intensify your pleasure and sensuality. Challenge yourself.